Sunday, July 05, 2009

Here are our Fourth of July pics. We had a lot of fun until Jak and Kelan decided it was time to go home and we had to watch the grand finale from the car. It was pretty awesome! Little ol' Sierra Vista doesn't mess around! Also not captured in our pictures was the thunderstorm in the background. Lightning and fireworks make for a pretty cool sight!
Kelan decided to share his cotton candy with mommy's shirt. 
So much fun on the swings!
There was live music and Jak was so thrilled. After he was done being mesmerized, he entertained the crowd with his awesome dance moves. 

All the excitement made Jak and Kelan blurry most of the evening.

I think the main highlight of the evening, that I didn't get a picture of because my hands were too messy, was the nachos we got from the mexican food stand. Literally a bag of Doritos cut open sideways and showered with nacho cheese. Genius. 
Jak says hi!
He's quite a climber. 
Goofy boy

sword fight with glow necklaces

how artistic!
More fun with glow necklaces.

Oooh! Aaahhh!
Kai mesmerized. 
Jak beside himself with delight. 
Kelan really unsure about the whole thing. 
Here's Kai and Mom enjoying the view. 
Happy Independence Day!!
A little early morning carpet-cleaning. 
Kelan being Jak's baby.
Peter Parker
Sweet execution

Monsoon Season is here!!!

Kelan says "Mom!! It's raining!!"

and it rained and rained and rained. 
It's not typical rain, it comes on very fast and very strong. 
In Kelan's opinion, monsoons require goggles (thanks Boppa!)
 Please tell me Kai's not behind me with a bucket. Honestly, I'm wet enough already...

Kai got up early and captured the sunrise. 
Crazy clouds and a rainbow. 
Spooky AZ monsoon clouds. This means it is going to rain. HARD. 

Jak doesn't care if it's July. He is GOING to wear his Santa jammies. 

It started so sweet, but suddenly Mom gets a swift backhand. This kid's quick. The twinkle in his eye in the first picture should have been a forewarning...

In case you haven't seen Kelan and Jak really close up recently....

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Kai made his Daddy's birthday cake this year. How awesome is that??

Yummm! Craig in one of two new Laker's hats he got for his bday. 
These boys love cake. 
Next day: Of course, never breaking tradition, we have cake the morning after as well. 

and the inevitable ensuing sugar rush craziness.