Monday, December 31, 2007

Uncle Banks was excited about his Beaver sweatshirt.

And Aunt Gigi was ready to put her new skillet to use before removing the packaging.

More presents!!

Reading Jak's new books

Happy kid.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What's the holiday season without milk and cookies?

Jak's been helping out a lot around the house lately.

Have you ever seen a kid so happy to be doing chores?

He loves to help feed Kelan.

And listen to his brothers.

Here he's saying "Don't worry Kai, you'll make it".
Merry Christmas!!!

Kelan loves his new bear.

and his new jingly cow slippers.
Kai got me a cd he knew I wanted. What a sweetie!

What a cool train set!

Kelan likes to play Godzilla on the train set...

Kai loved his new watch from Papa and Gramma.

Marcy and Jonnie got Kelan a See and Say. Yay!

Jak was so excited about his new books.

Here's Kelan mowing the floor. He loves his new mower.

Craig got me a panini press and a book to go with it. I think he's expecting a sandwich when he gets home.

Look out Kelan!

Jak got a new bike! Thanks Papa and Gramma!!

He spent a lot of the day saying "Help Me!!"

But he finally got the pedaling thing down. Weeee!

Kai's wireless controller for his new xbox 360.

He's a happy camper.

The boys eating Christmas Dinner.

Kai sporting a new shirt.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jak with the best big brother in the world.

Here's Jak before his surgery today, shortly after pushing the nurse call button for the 12th time in 2 minutes.

And here you see he has learned that he can control the TV with this contraption.

Here he is, freshly sans adenoids and feeling pretty miserable. But they gave him coke!

We got home and all was right with the world. He's doing really really well. Good job, Jak!

I've been trying really hard to get a good Christmas picture of the boys for the past couple of weeks..

Someone always wants to get up...

or pick their nose...or look terribly ill...

or take their shirt off and start cyring...

I think I'll use this one.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cypress Sam's Treehouse

Jak wandered between the slide and the drinking fountain...

Hence the wet shirt.

Kelan tried out the big kid room, but it was alarmingly loud and boisterous.

He had a lot more fun in the quieter little kid area.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jak running the ball...

He loves football. He can't wait to play with the big boys!

He also loved having lo mein for breakfast yesterday morning, and this morning's waffles were rather disappointing.
Kelan showed Jak the ropes on his new rocket..

look! he held still for a picture!

we knew it would's kelan caught red-handed.

but these decorations are so mesmerizing!!!