Monday, November 16, 2009

We went to the 1st Annual Touch-a-Truck event in Wilmington on Sunday. We almost didn't go, and I am sooo glad we did. The boys had such a blast honking horns, turning on sirens and climbing all over and inside the coolest trucks ever! Hats off to the Wilmington Youth League for a job well done.

Here is the view from the bridge leaving our little island... there's a little spit of land and then the ocean. The bridge is over "Snow's Cut" which connects with the Cape Fear River.

And here's the view over the other side of the bridge on the way home. Doesn't really do it justice, but you get the picture...(pun intended) Thanks to Kai for his fantastic photography. 

Kai and Kelan working hard on those fabulous Oatmeal Raisin cookies on Saturday. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We've been busy these days, but not so busy we can't squeeze in some adorable brother time....
 These moments, to coin a Jak phrase, make my heart feel happy.
It's important to understand your own limitations. If you know you are simply incapable of the trek upstairs to your bed, the most prudent thing to do is to fall asleep watching iCarly in Kai's room, sitting up, at the edge of the bed. That's your best bet... 
*notice our young petite kelan is working on a spare tire to get himself through winter...good call as well...he is so wise...*