Monday, May 31, 2010

The Carolina Beach boardwalk carnival opened this weekend (and will remain open through the end of the "season"!!). How could we NOT go?
Oh my goodness...rides are so much fun...

Seriously fun...
Games aren't bad either, even without putting money in the machines...
the Slagowski boys.
More rides.
All these smiles make my heart happy.

We're gonna have an awesome summer. You should come visit. :)

Tiki Bar Sunday

Good pals Roman and Jak not cooperating for a photo-op at the beach by the Tiki Bar on Sunday evening.
Many nights out of the week, the Tiki Bar (which I failed to get any good pics of, but will get some soon) has live music, so we can go hang on the beach and boogie. We went for the first time this past Sunday with our friends, Jody and Roman, and have determined that there might not be a better way to spend a Sunday evening.
Jak pondering.
Kelan and Craig smooching.
Kai and a hammock.


I've mentioned Jak's accessorizing talents recently, right?
We have cool stuff on our front deck.
Kelan rocks.
There comes a season, in the south, when it is perfectly sunny one second and raining like crazy the next. We were fortunate enough to witness this phenomenon this past Wednesday.
...and so we had wet boys.

Wet pup.
Simple pleasures, like crazy warm rain, are awesome.
You decide what's more impressive: his entire hand in his mouth or how casually he's rocking Craig's shoes...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jak's preschool graduation.
First they sang a bunch of songs they'd been working on for months.
Skidamarinky dinky dink.
Kelan and Daddy enjoying a riveting rendition of Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry", sung by a 5 year old girl....
Here come the graduates!

Hooray Jackson!!
Next stop, kindergarten.

Kai congratulating the graduate.

Assuming the perfunctory graduate pose.
Sweet boys.
Jak will miss Ms. Erin next year, but he'll have a chance to visit her a lot since Kelan is going to take Jak's place in her class!
We've been spending a lot of time at the pool lately. Jak will be swimming like a pro by the time the summer's over...
...and Kelan will likely break ALL of the posted pool rules.

Little Tiger
Craig made the front porch pretty for me for Mother's Day...the surfboard clock is permanently set to 5:00...
and there are shell faces
...along with other shell art.

Jak's favorite Avatar toy.
Handsome kid.
The day after being sick with a stomach bug, Jak asked for markers and paper...
and made me a card for taking care of him while he was sick. awwww....
Jak loves daddy.
Kelan poured me 14 cups of tea.
Jak- accessorizing.
And wearing his Laker's shirt a LOT these days...