Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oregon To Arizona 12/12-12/13

Kai was ready for some sun with his shades...

Look, Boppa's passing trucks!

Look Kids! It's Lake Havasu!

Boppa looking fly halfway into our second day of travel.

We knew we were getting close when we started seeing cacti on the side of the road.

The double decker trains were quite an exciting distraction for Jak and Kelan.

Here's Craig putting the finishing touches on our Arizona tree. We will miss spending the holidays with our family and friends this year and will be thinking of you all.

The Farm Christmas Tree

It's nice being able to pile into the tractor and drive the 90 seconds to next door to pick out a Christmas tree. Thanks to Tom and Julie and with the expert help of Neil, we got the most awesome tree for the farm!

Here's Kelan and Boppa wandering around the tree lot. He (by he I mean Kelan) kept running into trees and falling down. It was a sight to be seen.
Neil and Kai put the perfect tree into the trailer.

Kai is so bright!

The inaugural bulb de la Jak.

The little boys were almost immediately distracted by the awesome Little People Christmas train Bomma got.
Finished product!! Notice the concentration of ornaments above baby /toddler reach...maybe next year we can have a proportionally decorated tree...At any rate, this tree is beautiful. ..Even after bathtime, the Little People train held Jak's interest.It's like Where's Waldo...where's Kai?
His Christmas program at Monroe Grade School was awesome!