Friday, May 20, 2011

jak the beach bum...

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lewis farms strawberry picking...jak wanted to dress "like a homie" that day...

Sorry these pictures are sideways...couldn't figure out how to rotate on my fancy phone...

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lewis farms last month...

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Monday, May 16, 2011

bathrime pt 2

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

beachy afternoon...

We were going to feed the ducks at he lake but it was closed off for a microbrew festival so we went to the beach instead....not a bad afternoon.
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pancakes in the park

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Pancakes are the best.

Q...with that smile.. :)

We got to go serve pancakes to the Jervay community this morning. And it was awesome.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jak's 6th Bday Party

Get a couple of paying jobs and then work for a couple of non-profits and then babysit for the neighborhood kids after school and see how much time YOU have to post pictures of significant events on your blogspot...geez.. At long last, here are some pics of Jak's bday party...

Can you believe he's 6??
His request, instead of cake, Star Wars donuts... brilliant!!

Kelan doling out kisses...
Roman as a viking.
Mia in the midst of a sugar high....
and Mia shortly thereafter....
Star wars coloring book. Awesome.
Good pal Roman. Cute enough to be one of ours. :)
Punch drinkers.
Present time!

Monkey Joe's gift card. Woo-hoo!!

Our awesome neighbor and friend, Mallory.
Silly girl Maddi.
Another awesome neighbor and babysitter, Kirra.
More kisses from Kelan. Lucky me.
Kai concerned about donut distribution.
Krystal and Jody.
Jo snuggling Alex & Kelan.
Jay, in the one picture we got of him the entire party!
Slagowski kids and Zickafoose kids have a special camaraderie. I think it's the crazy last names. We often call ourselves Slagafooses or Zickowski's.
More punch? SURE!!!
Alex and Jak getting serious..
BFF Alex.