Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun at the beach!!!
Andrue and Jak are buddies.
Happy Jak
Jak the king.
Noah getting ready to dethrone Kai.
Silly boy.
Kelan's quite the baller.
The beach often causes Jak to levitate.
MLK Day trip to the Ft. Fisher Aquarium.
The boys were mesmerized by the big fish.
Jak could have stayed here all day...

Seahorse tank.

Only picture with Kai in it because he ran into his buddy Taydan and they went off on their own...
Kelan emptied a box of shredded paper in the living room last weekend.
It was the MOST fun!
(and mommy is still cleaning it up...)
Greenfield Park in Wilmington is beautiful, and has plenty of wildlife...
Kelan chasing the geese...
Happy Happy Boys!

Walking the edge with buddy Caleb.
Hooray for colorful band-aids!!
Kelan found mom's Uggs.

Here are some pics from our most recent ferry ride to Southport. It was such a beautiful day!!

Jak loves the ferry.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jak got a big boy haircut this weekend.
Kelan wanted to help roll out the dough for our italian herb bread yesterday. I obliged and--holy moly, the boy's a born baker!
Such concentration...

Monday, January 04, 2010

Having daddy around means bowls of whip cream (or as Kelan calls it, "whip crip") are perfectly acceptable.

I've been wanting to get some good sunrise pictures. Riding the early ferry to Southport this morning for Craig's surgery gave me just the opportunity I'd been waiting for...

After his surgery we drove around Southport to kill time before the ferry and see the sights. It's a very cute little coastal town we plan on visiting again to see more!

On the ferry ride home we got out and let the boys explore. It was thrilling!

Jak caught during a calm, reflective moment. These are rare.

Kelan loved the ferry.

The big boat that passed us by slightly closer than I'd have liked it to.
A slightly groggy post-op Craig. And below- the results of his surgery. Ouch! We're praying for a quick and full recovery.