Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When I went to take pictures off the camera I found that Jak had been using the plants to perfect his photographic techniques. Nice composition, don't you think? Jak helped Boppa paint the old shop this afternoon.

We had such a great time spending time with our family in Washington this weekend. It was so nice to get all these kids together for the first time in three years! We can't wait to get together again soon. We love you guys!

Here they are: Joey, Grace, Olivia, Gabe, Kai, Kelan, Jak and Hannah.

Piled in the truck on the way home from the park.

Gabe and Jak enjoying lunch. These guys are kindred spirits and less than two weeks apart in age.

Grace and Kai. Buddies.

Here are the kids helping out with the harvest.

Hannah helping Jak and Gabe at the playground.

The boys love the piano.

They had a blast sharing the laundry basket.

Kai ready to play against Philomath on Saturday.
Lining up on defense.
Unfortunately, the Pride lost this one. They'll practice hard this week for their game against Santiam Christian on Saturday, which will be held at the Truax Center (the OSU Beavers training facility). How cool is that?
We hiked up Bald Hill last week. Here's the view. Pretty, right?
Jak was VERY excited about the view.

Kelan, on the other hand, passed out after his blackberry binge.

Here's our path down the hill.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Here's what we see from the front porch at the farm. Makes us realize why we missed the NW so much...

Who's that driving the 5040?
Well first it was Kai, and then it was Jak's turn to drive the big tractor.

Kelan can't necessarily drive the tractors, but he earns his keep elsewhere on the farm. Sometimes just by being cute.

Jak and Bomma made pancakes for Sunday morning breakfast.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Game of the Season

It was the Pride's first regular season game against Jefferson and they won 8-0. Kai played offensive and defensive line and got three unassisted tackles and two assisted tackles. Keep it up, Kai (#21)!

Meanwhile, Jak had a blast running on the track...

and Kelan followed...

Happy 11th Birthday Kai!!!

Here's Kai's yummy "Cookie Dough Delirium" ice cream cake.

He was super happy with his loot.

Kelan was ready for bed.

Apparently so was Jak.

Kelan was happy it was the last day in the car!!

Jak LOVED the mountains!

Finally in Oregon on Tuesday morning. See our greeting committee?

Craig was really in a hurry to have the trip over with.

Look! Mountains!

Beautiful Eastern Oregon farmland.

Going through the Cascades.

Foster Lake outside Sweet Home.
Could it be? We finally made it to the farm!!!
Our beautiful final stretch (forgive the bug splatter on the windshield)...

Kai wasted NO time teaching Jak how to drive the tractor, first by demonstration....
And then by instruction.
He's an old pro already!

Kelan figures since we're out in the country, he doesn't need pants.

Beautiful sunrise.