Sunday, February 21, 2010

So, how crazy is it that last weekend we were snowed in and this weekend we are playing at the beach? We had a beautiful day today so we took full advantage of it. It's still hard for us to grasp that we can drive less than five minutes and go to the beach anytime we want, and it never loses it's magic.

Jak loves getting buried in the sand!
Kelan and daddy feet.

Jak gathering water for the sand castle and Kelan dancing around with a piece of beach grass.
Kai contemplating if Craig merely daring him to dunk himself is enough incentive or if he's going to ask him to back it up with a reward.
Turns out the dare was sufficient. Don't let the bright sunny weather fool you, that water is COLD!!!
Kelan congratulating Kai on his Polar Bear Plunge.

Silly boy, feeling much better, got out so much energy today he was ready for bed by 6:30.

My Jak-Jak.
Still with the beach grass, our ever exuberant Kelan might have loved the beach more today than ever before.

Although he did learn that if you throw sand against the wind it comes back.
Kaiball playing in the sand.

An old plane went back and forth and Jak told us that we should send a picture to Boppa and Papa.

I think our closest to a successful family self-portrait yet! We'll keep trying.
Slagowski boys on the beach. Kelan seems to be attempting a full split.
So exciting!!
Easy to see that tourist season is a ways off yet.
Kai poised to scare Jak, Kelan and Daddy, who had gone, for some reason, into a tiny little space between buildings. Boys...


What Ding Dong?
In addition to walking up to random guys (like some dude at church and a surfer guy at a shop on the boardwalk today) and giving them a spontaneous high-five, Kelan has also been using "thumbs up" as a frequent means of expression recently. Here he is expressing his approval of the fact that he just snaked a ding-dong and mom's Uggs.

Singing a little Green Day, and meaning every word of it.
Thank you! Good night!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More fun in the snow!

Once it warmed up a bit we took the little guys out for a walk. Kai is absent because he took off to party in Myrtle Beach with his buddy Jackson. Living the life, that boy anyway, here are our afternoon shenanigans.
Not too many smiles from our pioneer, Jak. He has been battling a nasty chest bug for the better part of a week, so spirits aren't always up...
Again with the grumpies, but Jak IS actually saying cheese. This snowman is awesome.
Someone shoveled the sidewalk :)
Kelan REALLY wanted to ride his bike, but we settled on the wagon.
Happy kid.
A quiet Jak moment captured.
A serious Jak moment captured.
Above our back door.
Kelan is a big goofball. He was so excited to sit on top of the big ball of snow.

This snowman represents the spirit of Carolina Beach.

Puddle stomper.


I finally got my wish and we got about 3-4 inches of snow last night. YIPPEEE!!!! It's absolutely gorgeous outside, so Craig and Kelan took a photo-taking tour of our neighborhood and harbor.

down by the harbor...
Craig got creative and took some great shots.
Notice the tracks?

From our upstairs deck.
The snow did a number on the local foliage...

Our palm tree was relatively unscathed.
But our little tree in the back didn't fare so well and split down the middle.
Kai eating snow...

It was soo exciting to get out in the snow!

Kelan spotted this lighthouse.

Mom & Kelan going for a slushy walk.

Happy Kelan.

Kai enjoyed finding huge chunks of snow to pick up.

Jak making a snowball...


Off the harbor.

A couple of awesome shots of the dock.

If we're brave we'll get out for some more snowy fun before it's all gone!