Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's put four small children on a boat and give them lots of sugar!! Really though we had a great time today on the water. Thanks to Carrie and Tim we've been inaugurated to boating and can't wait for more. We'll get a million more pictures next time...
I'll take the one on the right...or the left...or I guess the middle one's good too...

Mr. Krabs!!!
They were supposed to be saying "cheese"...didn't quite work out...

Ditching Training Wheels
Because Jak is awesome and he don't need no stinkin' training wheels...
And how pleased could a 5 year old be??
Smile so big it nearly distorts his proud of my big, 5-year old, bike-riding-with-no-training-wheels-boy..*sniff*

Hey! Did you hear? Jak's 5!!
Biker Kelan at Power of Play.
Jak having a blast as a farmer...
Alex and Brennan helping Jak open presents.

present time!!
The expression on his face, in case you are uncertain, is sheer awe...A How to Train Your Dragon Viking Battle Kit??!!
Kept up the "Dragon" theme most of the day...
And then realized that he was terribly exhausted from all the fun...

Day after party= Eat as Much Cake for Breakfast as You Can Day...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We went to the Azalea Festival, Wilmington's largest festival (which draws a crowd of 300,000!) yesterday.
We don't get downtown to appreciate the historic architecture nearly enough.
Happy boys, who happen to be standing in front of some azaleas!

These two have been joined at the hip recently.
The mimes were hilarious!
Although this one totally freaked Kai out.

Nothing like some street fair food...
Kelan and Jak each took their turn being fed up and/or overwhelmed.

super chill dog.
awesome house
awesome 3 year old
The Sticky Fingers frog was a huge hit.
At the parade... Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat!
Clearly not licensed Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
Jak: "Beer horses!!"
Coastie, or as Jak called him, Balloon Man.
My boys on the river.
Every time we go downtown, Jak exclaims "My great-grandfather's boat!!!"

We went to a neighbors' bday party after the festival, and they happen to have a long-haired dog. Here's what Kelan looked like when we got home. Super duper allergies! I thought at one point his eyeball might actually explode, so we took an emergency trip to Walgreens for some Claritin...YIKES!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Since Jenne, Banks and Beatrice were visiting the Blair family in VA, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet halfway, in Carrboro NC, for a couple hours of fun. Here we all are! The Slagowski and Blair families reunited at last! Kelan is so happy he can hardly contain himself.
Here is the lovely Beatrice.
We went to a musical park. Perfect for my boys.
Beatrice walked around saying "cousin Kai". I think she likes him.
Hot and dazed Jak.

Kelan (sporting a new haircut).

We took A LOT of pictures.
What a sweet girl...

Drummer Kelan.
Where's Jak?
Here they are again. Pals.
Look, it's Bob from the Biggest Loser giving Beatrice a kiss!
Kelan is CRAZY. No fear whatsoever.
Beabo making music on the bells.
Outside Elmo's Diner in Carrboro.
Jak gave Banks (Big Guy) the BIGGEST hug ever so Banks let Jak borrow his shades.
Beabo at Elmo's.
How many ways are there to say "cute"?
Just a note here that Kelan is 3 yrs and 4 months, and Beatrice is not yet 2. BIG girl!!

Kai and Aunt Gigi.

Jak loves his Aunt Gigi.
So do I.

I love and miss you, Jenne.