Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch fun.
Kai found himself a gnarly bumpy punkin.
As hard as he tried, Jak could not pick up the monster pumpkin.

Butterfly pumpkin.

Picking pumpkins is so much fun!
They were amazed at the pumpkin innards.
Kai has never been a huge pumpkin carving fan. I think he was over it.
Jak, so proud that daddy cut the pumpkin exactly how he had drawn it. A masterpiece!
Here, Jak seems bewildered that Kelan is actually going to eat a cinnamon roll bigger than his own head.
Huge cinnamon rolls require a support network... "ok, let's take a bite on three-ready-1, 2, 3!!!"
Murray Middle School finished off the season strong with a 28-6 win over Noble. Go Falcons!!!
Kai stepping up to play center, which I was soo excited about because he LOVED playing center for the Rams back in Georgia.
Kai with a slick handoff.


#22 is the only girl playing middle school football in New Hanover County and she kicks butt(plus she's totally cute...).
Holy Moly. To think Kai could get as big as #76...YIKES!
I think I detect some swagger in the boy's walk...
We LOVE this time of year on the coast of North Carolina. The tourists are gone, but the weather is still gorgeous and perfect for days on the beach.
Kai the boogie boarder.
Kelan the sand monster.
Jackson the beach stud.
Jak mastering a headstand.
I'm amazed they all held still long enough to get covered.
Kai wanted to take a nap in the sand.
Ok, get ready.... Jak's about to melt your heart...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

READING TIME!!! Note * Jak doesn't need the glasses, but finds that he looks more studious with them on. Since kindergarten has started, Jak has been TOTALLY into letters and sounding out words. He loves to read. And we like that.

Kelan melon.
Peek a boo!!!
Finally, a rather successful "cheese" from Kelan!!!
Daddy & Little guys.
Kelan, eating Craig's hair I'm pretty sure...

Tropical Storm Nichole

In case you missed the news in the beginning of Oct, we got hit hard by Tropical Storm Nichole and got 22 inches of rain, the most this area has seen at once since the 1850s. It was CRAZY!!
Here's Lake Park Blvd., the main drag in CB.
Notice the water bubbling up from the holes?
Jackson all ready to go get wet.
News Cameras on Lake Park Blvd.
Flooded. This is where the path is that I frequently run on... covered in over 18 inches of water.

There's supposed to be a road right there.
Kai standing on the edge of the Lake flood.
Nothing like a wet game of horse.
By evening of the worst day of rain, here's what our skies looked like. Gorgeous!!