Thursday, April 12, 2012

Okay, so I've been busy. I have so poorly neglected this blogspot, and my camera for that matter...instead doing things like "work" and "singlehandedly wrangling these three boys since Craig was gone for the first quarter of 2012". Recently for "work" I dug out the ol' trusty Canon Rebel xTi to take some pictures of a Ferrari I'm selling for my boss, and then Kelan turned into a ham (much to my surprise and amazement given his previous relationship with the camera). Enjoy, and if you are in the market, it's a reasonably priced $134, 488, with just 15,000 miles, and meticulously maintained.

Here's what happens when Kai tells the boys to "look tough".

Here they take turns beating each other up. All in good fun, of course.

Oh, the goofiness.

See what I mean about the ham-ness? Keep get's even better.


Credit goes to Kai for these last few pictures. Quite an eye if I do say so myself.

What a handsome 5-and-almost-a-half-year-old.
More to come. I promise.